A getaway driver waiting outside a bank robbery has three nerve shredding minutes to get through before his crew returns. All he has to do is focus…


The Fly is a story of karmic revenge. A cat and mouse game where nobody is really sure who is playing the cat, and who should be attending anger management sessions.


A tough looking guy sits at the wheel of a getaway car outside the closed doors of a small town bank. He is tense, nervous, and checks the doors, checks his watch, chews his toothpick like he thinks he’s in a film. A helicopter flies overhead, a siren in the distance, he checks the surrounding area nervously. As he drums his fingers on the wheel a fly buzzes out of the sky and lands on the windshield right in front of him. He freezes and stops chewing his toothpick. Like a cat on the prowl he carefully lifts his hand and taps the windscreen wipers on. Sqwueeek… the Fly is gone. The driver grins to himself and settles back into his seat, cracking his knuckles.


From the ominous locked doors of the bank, we hear the violent bloodcurdling sounds of a bank robbery in progress. Gunshots are fired, people scream and beg for mercy. Back in the car the fly returns with a vengeance to torment the hapless driver. A comically violent and unbalanced game of cat and mouse ensues, leaving the driver a quivering blubbering nervous wreck. With the rest of the bank crews arrival imminent and the police closing in, will he keep his resolve long enough to do his job and make a clean getaway?